29 elegant hairstyles for women over 70 with glasses

Finding the best haircut for your glasses can be a fun way to express yourself, especially if you’re a woman over 70 looking for something sophisticated but simple.

Hair changes with age in terms of texture, color and volume. For this reason, it is essential to choose styles that adapt not only to our face but also to our lifestyle and structure.

So here is an inclusive list featuring 29 trendy hairstyles that go well with different types of glasses and at the same time provide comfort to the wearer as they enter their twilight years.

Glasses are like any other accessory: they set the tone for your entire look. Whether you wear bold round glasses, sleek aviators, or anything else, there’s a hairstyle that will match them perfectly.

But choosing which type is not just about looking good, because wearing glasses can do much more than that if combined with the right hairstyle. It has the power to highlight certain characteristics while hiding others and at the same time portraying who we really are deep down.

So come with us on this journey through each hairstyle, complete with tips on the best way to style them. What products or tools will be needed during the maintenance stages and what type of face shapes best suit different cuts when combined with various types of glasses?

1. Blonde Pixie with a Dramatic Side Sweep:

An elegant style that increases volume at the crown naturally by parting the hair to the sides. Most of the strands are swept to one side, creating an asymmetrical effect that is dynamic in nature and can sharpen facial features.

The blonde shade brightens skin tone and pairs well with different colored frames, making it versatile enough for various styles and occasions.

2. Silver Fox Short Shag with Fringe:

This casual and fresh look enhances the texture of natural gray hair giving it a modern touch. Shaggy cuts have lots of layers that add movement and a touch of edginess, while bangs help gracefully frame faces.

If you have a round or square face shape, this is particularly flattering as it will elongate your face shape and also give you a youthful look.

3. Playful Bob with Mini Bangs:

This hairstyle is a fun way to wear the classic bob but with very short bangs that add a punk rock touch!

It creates a striking look that best highlights the cheekbones, especially when worn alongside minimalist, modern eyeglass designs like the ones shown here. It requires easy maintenance, perfect for people who want a distinctive look without having to deal with long hair much.

4. Adorable Bedside Pixie:

Go ahead and flaunt those adorable natural hair colors with this relaxed hairstyle! The short messy haircut is not only stylish but also very calm, making it also ideal for daily wear.

The authenticity and softness caused by the hair pigments gives the faces of older women a warm glow, thus perfectly combining simple and elegant glass frames like those shown above.

5. Sleek Small French Bob:

An ultra-chic micro bob usually sits just below the ears and may have a slight upward curve at its ends that emphasizes jaw definition.

It’s a discreet but eye-catching style that says a lot about the French fashion sense. Working best with straight to slightly wavy hair, sleek and sophisticated eyeglass designs like these give off intellectual vibes.

6. Razor Cut Shag for Natural Curls:

Designed to make curls look structured but still relaxed through different lengths of layering cuts creating dynamic hairstyles.

Shaving provides a blurred effect that makes them light and at the same time frames the faces naturally in different positions because more than one layer is involved in the cutting process. Highlights the vitality of natural curls without overshadowing features.

7. Skinny Pixie with Glasses:

A fine pixie haircut pairs well with fine hair textures as it maintains weightlessness so as not to degrade facial features, while a shorter length also makes for easier maintenance.

This style becomes functional by styling it according to your chosen face shapes and frames, making them fashionable without much fuss to achieve your desired look.

8. Edgy Pixie for Silver Hair:

A bold and modern look is achieved through well-defined cuts that create layers that reflect light and add depth when necessary in silver hair. It’s perfect for people who want their locks to do a lot of talking while still keeping things simple when it comes to styling!

9. Pixie Cut with Blonde Highlights and Choppy Layers:

The blonde highlights of this choppy layered pixie cut can add texture and volume to fine hair in a fun and vibrant way. It’s perfect for those who want youthful-looking locks all over, especially women with fine hair who want that extra touch!

10. Women with Feathered Pixie Glasses:

This soft version of the traditional short haircut features feathery pieces around the face that give more height around the cheeks while also making them look slimmer!

What sets this look apart is how well it matches the glasses; Together they create a cohesive style statement that will never go out of style.

11. Gray Elf Bob:

A fantastic combination of pixie and bob styles, this haircut is easy to maintain while still having some length to play with.

The gray color adds sophistication, but the style remains fresh and modern. It can be worn for any event, from casual to formal.

12. Short Shaggy Cut for Older Women with Small Frames:

This fun, textured cut is perfect for adding volume around the face, which can enhance smaller glasses. The shaggy layers soften the features of the face while giving a lively, youthful shape that complements any age group and is easy to care for.

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