22 Volumizing Pixie Cuts for Women Over 50 with Fine & Thin Hair

Pixie haircuts for women over 50 with fine, thin hair provide an illusion of volume and fullness. The best part? These cropped cuts take less effort to style and maintain!

Short-length haircuts can be a drastic change. If you have long hair and decide to chop most of your length, here’s a tip from stylist CeCelia Hoffmann of Bolingbrook, IL.

“Work in stages and don’t jump straight into a pixie. Start from a short bob and get shorter over a period of time,” Hoffmann suggests.

Find a stylist who specializes in short hair. They know how to create the correct head shape for you without looking masculine.

Despite being manageable, very short haircuts require styling. “A pixie has a lot of texture. Just “washing and going” will not let the chop live up to its full potential,” Hoffmann explains.

Consult your stylist for some product recommendations. And since regular upkeep is necessary, ask how often you must be coming back to the salon. This discussion is vital to educate and prepare you before getting a big chop. Or, you could check out our in-depth pixie cut guide to answer your questions.

Do you think you’re ready for a change? Let us show you some hair inspiration! Check out these images of the trendiest pixie haircuts for women over 50 with fine, thin hair!

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