20 Best Medium-Length Haircuts for Women Over 50

Medium-length haircuts for women over 40 are all about having a cut and length that’s functional all throughout the day.

Kristyn Wink, a hairstylist from Baltimore, MD, shares her thoughts about mid-length cuts. “There’s a huge benefit in having your hair cut in a manageable length,” she says. “You can wear it down comfortably and pull it up easily when working out or running errands.”

With a bunch of haircuts to select from, suitability is one thing to take into account. Make sure that it works for your hair texture, density, and lifestyle. “A cut that requires a great amount of time and effort to style only leads to frustration,” Wink explains.

A drawback to this cut is that it looks different for every woman regardless of their age. It would depend on a woman’s neck length, shoulder width, and hair density.

Before getting a medium cut, find a stylist who’s proficient in this type of cut. The stylist should be skillful in creating proportions. “It’s vital that the stylist chooses a shape, adds layers, and removes weight in a way that suits a woman’s face shape, hair type, and styling abilities,” she says.

Wink urges women to ask for some tips on styling their new haircut at the end of the appointment. Get recommendations on what products and tools to utilize at home.

Look and feel younger with these trendy medium-length haircuts for women over 40. The images collected here are sure to inspire you!

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