15 Trendiest Pixie Cuts for 2024

Pixie cuts come in all shapes, colors, and lengths. Finding the right one to fit your personality, hair type, and lifestyle can be challenging. So before you take the pixie leap, read the tips and advice I share with my clients considering a pixie. Then, check out this pixie haircut gallery I’ve put together for your inspiration!

Essential Things to Know First

  • What is a pixie cut? A pixie cut is a women’s haircut that’s cut short around the sides and back of the head and 1 to 3 inches long on top.
  • It’s essential to have your hair cut by a hairstylist or barber with experience cutting short hair. Short hair requires very different cutting skills!
  • If this is your first pixie cut, don’t cut it too short. I’ve made that mistake before. You only know how your hair will lie on your head once you cut it shorter. Especially when it comes to cowlicks and natural hair patterns. Some women can only pull off a short pixie haircut with the help of many products and a blow dryer or flat iron.
  • You’ll need to buy different hair products you may not have used before. This includes wax, pomade, clay, gel, or cream. Your stylist should help you out with choosing a product based on your hair texture, pattern, and style you’re looking for.
  • Your face shape becomes more important the shorter you cut your hair. Shorter hair will make your face shape more visible and defined. Below, I’ll show you examples of the best pixies to get for round, square, oval, and heart shapes faces.

If you are looking for more helpful tips and styling ideas, you should definitely read our guide.

Now, check out these pictures of modern and trendy pixie cuts for women this year!

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