12 Universally Flattering Hairstyles for Women over 50 with Glasses

1. Youthful Funky Pixie Cut with Long Sideburns

Youthful Funky Pixie Cut With Long Sideburns
Pixie hairstyles with long sides and a tapered nape look great with a funky pair of eyeglasses that show off your youthful spirit. Tousle the crown section for some extra height and pizazz, and be sure to use a vibrant color palette that brings out the best of your natural skin tone.

2. Pixie with Short Sides and Pompadour Bangs

Pixie With Short Sides And Pompadour Bangs
When you are committed to making an edgy fashion statement, pixie hairstyles with a backswept pompadour are just the thing. Super-feminine and ultra-metropolitan, this is a signature style that you can make your own by changing your hair color to match your favorite boldly-colored frames.

3. Spiky Cut for Round Faces with Spectacles

Spiky Cut For Round Faces With Spectacles
Keeping it simple can be the best way to wear short hairstyles for women over 50 with glasses. This super-short pixie with a short wispy fringe and a spiky top couldn’t be easier to style. The ash-brown hair color provides a neutral backdrop, so your black frames really pop!

4. Sassy Pixie with Trimmed Sides and Long Top

Sassy Pixie With Trimmed Sides And Long Top
If you are a confident woman with glasses and gray hair, you will adore a sassy pixie with long, wavy locks. The cropped sides and nape are edgy yet neat, and the silver blonde tones provide texture, depth and volume.

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