The 29 Cutest Pixie Bob Haircut Ideas Ever


A pixie bob haircut is a women’s short haircut whose length ranges between a pixie and a bob (between ear-length and neck-length). For those edgy gals who don’t mind a crop, this modish cut should be a definite go!

Though short, you’ll be surprised how versatile this hairstyle is! It can go from one-length to angled, choppy and shaggy to sleek, with a full front fringe or lovely side bangs, or matched with a chic fashion color.

Ladies with the best pixies on television and who are for the cropped hair movement include Emilia Clarke, Zendaya, Mia Farrow, and Shailene Woodley. But all thanks go to the OG pixie bob queen  – Audrey Hepburn, who rocked the look with her natural locks!

Another good news is that with short hair comes less maintenance! Although if you fall too deep in love with the look, a trim visit is due monthly to keep the length at bay.

Still having second thoughts? Make that hesitation go away when you take a look at these up-to-date examples of pixie bob haircut ideas below!

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircuts

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