Gorgeous short gray haircuts

Times move quickly and trends change too. And every woman wants something new for short hairstyles. This situation doesn’t change when you grow up. For older women, we have great 14 short hairstyles for gray hair. Or young girls can dye their hair gray. They can also check out these short haircuts. There are too many hair ideas like pixie bobs, long pixies, short layered cuts and bob hairstyles…

If your gray hair tends to thin at the lengths and ends, don’t hesitate to opt for a short cut which will give it a lot of volume. For example, you can opt for a short pixie cut, a little longer at the front of the face and short on the sides and at the nape of the neck. You can also opt for a bowl cut or a pixie cut, which both bring a youthful look to the face.

If your gray hair is very thick and healthy, you can without hesitation opt for a pretty bob cut. The most advantageous models: the long square and the gradient square. Avoid very tapered or very short bobs which will tend to make you lose volume and tire your features. To enhance your haircut, do not hesitate to create soft and natural waves. They will also add more shine to your lengths.

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