24 Stylish Bob Cuts for Women Over 70

#1 Elegant Bob for Special Occasions

An elegant bob haircut is a great choice for mothers of the bride and any woman who wants to steal the show during a special event. This style is trendy yet youthful-looking and very simple to handle. Its shorter length will naturally create more volume and body making you look fabulous without trying too hard.

#2 Concave Bob Hairstyle

One such hairstyle that can be referred to as a concave bob is the one with little under layers and side-swept fringe. This style allows you to have hair that looks fuller, while also being easy to maintain, making it perfect for fine hair; when combined with an oval face shape this cut gives soft but well-defined lines around the face.

Its flow is like nature and has the gentle aging of a seventy-year-old lady usually achieved by fullness from layering without having to use more time in styling. However, one negative aspect may be that keeping a fuller back may need accurate cutting. Inquire from your hair stylist about texture techniques so that it perfectly fits you just like natural hair.

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