20+ Short Haircuts for Older Women in 2024



Short haircuts for older women create flattering and easy-to-create hairstyles. The chop ranges from pixie to bob-length, exposing the neck and shoulders for a bold, modern look.

Sarah Piel is a haircut specialist from San Diego, CA. She notes that short hair is only low-maintenance if it’s cut right. “Usually, short-length cuts are wash-and-wear or might require very minimal styling,” she adds.

Even if short hairstyles are easier to manage, regular maintenance is essential. Ask your stylist how often you must visit the salon for hair trims.

The right hairstylist will give you great results. When looking for one, make sure to check their portfolio. Piel states, “You’ll be able to tell whether or not you’ll get the cut you’re looking for by their previous work.”

Here are images of the most popular short haircuts for older women. Pick the one you’d love to try!

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