20 Graduated Bob Haircuts Trending for 2024


A graduated bob is a type of bob that has more length in front and more volume at the back. Also known as the stacked bob cut, this haircut is made up of layers that are stacked at the back, gradually increasing in length as it goes to the front.

Voguish celebs Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley, Monique Coleman, and Katie Holmes all donned this classic haircut and showed us how to wear it in its modernized versions. From formal red carpet events to casual street styles, it’s well built that this type of bob is a hairstyle for all occasions!

Layers, bangs, textures, and colors are how you can personalize the haircut to your liking, which is exciting! Just check out the sensational work of Ohio hairstylist Courtney Zupancic that includes graduated bobs for women of all ages, then you’ll definitely feel the thrill to try it!

To keep it the same length, be prepared to visit your trusted stylist every month for a trim. Also, keep your tools and products handy for daily styling.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these popular graduated bob haircuts and hairstyles!

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